Going to a party with people I don't know?!

Question: Going to a party with people I don't know?
I don't really party much but one of my old high school friend invite me at her apartment to go to party . The problem is I'm going alone and the only person I know at the party is only her. I'm a shy guy and meeting people are imitating to me, but I want to have fun in the same time. How could i relax and have fun?



No really, drink. But don't get drunk. Just enough for that liquid courage to loosen you up.

it's ok that you don't party that much now it will wear off, so relax it's ok to feel uncomfortable for little while until the crowd start come in. and the outgoing crowd will take off the slack and you ease up and let go of that tense feeling. , and jump in your quiet way of talking. ex-sample --steve or hi i'm steve[your-name]and with a smile. with a women she will pick up on this right on the spot. and she will know what to do because, she's, see notices this by your timidness, sweating, standing byyourself, your [ap]proached, what i mean, is the awearsness or a your faint smile which means that you're shy, timid, and need some asistance to ease and take control the conversation til you feel comfortable and youthe women will have may the evening soft and smooth, there will a better soft smile between you but, even if the knowlege of learning of women comes, but the tension of timid shy has

everyone has been thur this his or her's exper-

Think about it this way - chances are you aren't going to see any of these people again (with the exception of the girl whom you already know). So, you can try different ways to interact with people - a great time to overcome being shy and such.

And if you make a few friends in the process, kudos.

Easy, all you have to do is let go. It's hard for me to do but try it. It's refreshing and fun. Try telling jokes. Don't go too far with the jokes because some people may get offended by it. Just have fun and let go. Act as if the people at the party has been friends with you for a quite long time so that you'll feel comfortable around them. Good luck!

Make sure you loosen up. Wear a shirt have two buttons undone. Have fresh breath and neaten your eyebrows us, especially if they are big. Bring your phone just in case your excluded then you wont look lonely. Talk to the girl you know ask her to introduce you to some nice people. Don't forget to smile, dance and be yourself !
Good Luck, don't drink too much!

Well it would be awkward just to stand and drink and just be standing there get involved.

rock out with your [expletive deleted] out

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