Party food & drinks serving ideas?!

Question: Party food & drinks serving ideas?
I'm having a Nutrimetics Party in a few weeks (where beauty products are tested and sold in your house). It's planned for a Saturday night, after dinner. Just casual, I was thinking a few nibbles and drinks with the girls- along with the Nutrimetics of course! :)

Not to sure what to serve- nibbles & drinks wise. Any suggestions?

(For young adults- 18-early 20s kind of age)


Make a fruit punch & serve it in a see-through glass bowl - add blocks of "fruit ice". If you have the time, cut a watermellon length ways, hollow out the pulp & serve your punch in the watermelon. If you go the watermelon route, you can pulp up the watermelon & add it to your punch.

To make the fruit ice:
Place one grape in each "compartment" of an ice try, fill with water & freeze. (You can also freeze the fruit with extra fruit punch, this way your punch won't become "watered down" when the ice melts. You can also freeze mint leaves this way to add to the punch

For snacks:

Tortilla chips served with hummus dip, guacomalo or home-made salsa
Crackers with a dollop of mayo, top with a smoked mussel
Prunes/cherries wrapped with bacon - grilled - very easy & delicious
Devilled Eggs

Fruit kabobs - Instead of using the large kabob sticks, use toothpicks to spear grapes, small berries, and cubes of fruit and cheese. You could also cut up come cocktail viennas/sausages and add them for extra flavor if you like.

Finger sandwiches - There are lots of ways to make finger sandwiches "different" If you have cookie cutters, you could use them to cut the sandwiches into fun shapes.

It's after dinner, I'd just serve some mixed sandwiches, cut into small pieces, crackers and dip, and a dip with crudites, and maybe a inexpensive wine, and tea and coffee of course, most of which you can prepare ahead, then enjoy your party with the girls


I created this menu for a baby shower, but I think it would work for your party as well. These appetizers are fun, light, and delicious.…

Enjoy and have a great party!

I would say go for snacky type stuff.
Like chips//guacamole, or pita chips && humus, baked goods ( brownies, cookies ), mint milanos?
And for drinks try to avoid too much soda && for flavored waters && orangina. =)

make it a theme party. like martini party and every1 bring fav mix. or a margarita party and every1 bring in a margarita glass. or wine and cheese theme.

Go for Different Colored mock tails ,,, I like them.

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