13th Birthday Party Ideas?!

Question: 13th Birthday Party Ideas?
its my 13th soon, and i really want something special. Something none of my friends have ever done. Im definitely having a sleepover after but i need something to do as a real party. i want to invite millions of friends so anything that i could do?
please help:)


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It depends on your budget.
How much money are your parents giving you for the party?
You said you were going to invite a lot of people, so I'm guessing you have a largish budget?

For my 13th, I threw a Super Sweet 13!
Lots of pink, glitter, etc.
I had a sleepover, with lots of our favourite food and drinks, and we watched movies.
My parents hired caterers to be our 'Waiters' and we had a Profiterole Tower.
We also had a tiered cake like a wedding cake. One tier with sponge, one with chocolate cake, one with fruit cake and one with cream and strawberries on top.
I had an ice cream cake for dessert, and we made Ice Cream Sundaes because my Mum bought whipped cream, fruit, ice cream, Lemonade, sprinkles, etc.

During the day my parents had hired a Limo Party Bus for us, which is like a HUGE limousine, with A Bubble Machine, Big TVs, Music, a Bar, Smoke Machines, etc.


There's the interior for a Limo Party Bus. ^^^^
It really cool, it has Flashing Lights and mine had a Disco Ball.
It drove us to a big shopping centre, where we shopped for an hour, then it picked us up, and to be a little different we went Skiing at the local Ski Centre place near my house.
We were going to go Snowboarding, but we heard it was quite difficult! Then we drove around for a while, it was really cool, because we could see people through the tinted windows, but they couldn't see us!!
People were even taking pictures!
By the time we were back to the house, it had been all decorated, so we danced for a while, did makeovers, played on the Nintendo Wii, etc.
And for a surprise my Mum had booked a Model Photographer person and a Make Up and Hair person to come, and they set up a set thing and took special pictures of us all together for a special Modelling Album that we could keep forever.
We didn't get the Album straight away though, but everyone got a copy sent to their houses.
It was a great way to remember the party!
Then we did face masks, played Truth Or Dare and Spin The Bottle, loads of normal party stuff, and gossipped all night! :S

Well, I hope this gave you some good ideas.
I made the invitations myself so they could be really personalised for each person coming to the party.
They were in the shape of Handbags, High Heels, Sunglasses, etc.
And for the party bags, everyone got little Nail Varnishes, Face Mask stuff, Mini Lip glosses, that sort of thing.
It did cost a lot, but of course, it was for my 13th, and next year I'm only allowed to go to Pizza Hut and have a Sleepover. It was just a once off thing.

Really hope this helps,
Have a great Party and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ;) x

PS - Sorry this was so long. :S


My Own Party Experience! :)

Get a whole bunch of colorful lights and lots of streamers then get a radio and have a dance party!! I'm 12 gonna turn 13 soon so that's what I'm gonna do so i think that's a good idea!!!

EPIC NERF GUN BATTLE WITH LOTS OF GUNZ GOING OFF thats what I would do but sadly must teenagers are not into having fun but talking about twilight so throw a big twilight party =(
~JustCrashedIntoAPole from youtube!!!


Go to MacDonald's for a lovely meal. Hmmm. That's what most 13 year olds do don't they?

Throw a disco

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