Does any one have/know where I can get these plates and glasses?!

Question: Does any one have/know where I can get these plates and glasses?
My grand mother died a year or two ago, my mom and my Aunt decided to split up this plate set;

It comes in a plate set of 4 plates and 4 cups. Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue. We have the Pink and Blue, my aunt has the Yellow and Green. They both would love to have the full set so we are just wondering if any one out there has the full set, or knows where we can get it? HELLPPP!


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Your best bet for something like that is eBay. I've filled in some glasses my grandmother had over the years that way. It might take some time, but something eventually turns up!

There has to be some sort of information on the back of the dishes. Even "made in China" would be a help. Look at the bottom of the glasses, too. Also look closely around the images - sometimes there's a signature of the designer. Type in anything you find (put it in quotation marks) along with plate, set, pink, yellow, blue, green. Start by including sunglasses in the search as well. Be sure to set it to search titles and descriptions and go from there...

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