What should I do for my 14th birthday party?!

Question: What should I do for my 14th birthday party?
My birthday's in two weeks, so I need to find a party idea FAST. I want to include: boys and girls. I don't want my party at my house or anything. If you don't know what I should do, don't even bother to answer.


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Hey ! Im turning 14 too really soon =) U should do the party at ur house it'll be fun trust me. Well u could invite 5 of ur BFF the night before the party for a sleepover and u could do makeovers and stuff and the day of the party ur friends will come u can like play truth or dare or bop it and u should make a lot of food if u're inviting a lot of people like pizza and chips or burgers and hot dogz and some cupcakes too if u want... At the end of the party just cut the cake and eat it :D
Happy birthday ;)

just have a big party at your house! its not that bad. have your dad grill burgers and hot dogs and have drinks and chips and cupcakes! not a cake..cupcakes. play music and just have fun! plan some fun things. and watch a movie later that night play basketball, ping pong (if you have it) and just talk. im turning 15, but i went to my friends 14th birthday party, it was way fun! we talked, had music going, played football and ping pong. everyone just kind of did there own thing and there was alot of good food there! there was about 40 people there..just invite alot of people and it'll be way fun.

Happy birthday. Whatever city you are in -- just pick any
McDonald restaurant or any other one...that has a separate
room for parties (pizzeria places ok) and book the place
for so many people at a specific time frame. You will know
the exact cost, the exact menu...and you will have a safe place...to join your
friends. Good luck.

I'm turning 15! Here's my idea;

Bet after seeing it, you'd want it to be yours to. You can have it at your house, or rent a big place for a while. I live in a really small town and there are two places I could rent, so I'm sure there are a few where you're at.

Oh, and can you answer my question?

Most people our age dont throw partys like that unless its a party our house. so i recommend maybe a club party take every 1 to a club. and if its not like that( and club as as in a teen club thing) . take every 1 laserquest. im 15 and hey i love that sh3t lol


1. 4 hrs of paintball

2. burgers

3. paintball until you can't take it anymore

Beach Party!

You should call me at 604 585 3832 and we can make sexy time together..

get drunk.

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