13th birthday party. please help?!

Question: 13th birthday party. please help?
my 13th birthday is in less then 2 months!
and i haven't worked anything out yet,, what are some good ideas?
pleaaase help! this is the 3rd biggest birthday in my life!
does anyone have any unique ideas, not an ice rink, or timezone, or anything. Something really unique and fun!


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You should have a paintball party! Both boys and girls love paintball and it's a ton of fun. If that doesn't work out you should have a party at the beach.

maybe you turn your house into a super spatacular palace! like you could do mani's and pedi's,have fashion shows , watch your favorite movie,drink fancy non- alcoholic cocktails totally girly, or you could could have a totally fun party with funny competitions,dancing,games( like twister).or weirdo celeb dress up each of you pick a celeb to dress like and then go totally wierd ( like lady gaga).or creature time! where each of you pick a monster or something to dress like and have like blood drinks(berry juice).

Rock climbing
Go karts
Spa night

a sleepover

pool party

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