If you were having a party, which would you choose?!

Question: If you were having a party, which would you choose?
There are approx. 60 people (from young kids to elderly people, but mainly middle aged), a few vegetarians and the total price should be kept under $800. So:

-mini beef burgers (15 per serve) ... $50
-mini vege burgers* (15) ... $50
-bite size ny hotdogs (36) ... $50
-Chicken drummetts (70 pieces) ... $50
-Pizza platter (35 pieces) ... $50

HAND HELD DINING PLATTER (12 servings) ... $50
-Mushroom risotto*
-Italian meatball
-Ravioli bolognaise
-Thai chicken
-Garlic prawns

Salt and pepper calamari ... $70

SKEWERED KING PRAWNS (3 prawn skewer, 25 per serve) ... $80
-garlic and parsley
-sweet chili and mint
-garlic and coriander

Chicken Skewer platter (30 per serve) ... $70
-marinated and served with a satay sauce

Beef skewer platter (30) ... $70
-Beef, capsicum & Spanish onion

(Desert is a fruit platter and cake)

My parents are planning a party at a restaurant for my Dad's 50th but they're having trouble deciding which menu options to choose. Your opinions on this will be very helpful! :) This is pretty much exactly how the menu is set out ... but i'm quite sure the first 5 options are entrees. Thanks for your help! :D

* Vegetarian menu options


Are these the appetizers?

It sounds like all finger food.
It's a non sit down event.

It's a huge difference in taste with all those.
Is this the University Club of Milwaukee by chance, hahaha.
Their prices are much better, but they would never serve so many skewers.

This is a no brainer (depends on if you wanna look good, or not)
Beef burgers, Chicken, and Pizza.

Mushroom risotto (make sure they can bake it well), Chicken and Prawns.

Skip the squid and prawns.

Go straight for both Skewer platters.

The dessert is what bothers me, cause I get all my baking skills from my German and Danish roots, so to see a fruit platter and cake, I get upset, but hey, you could always bring in outside desserts.

Anyways, that's my opinion.

Father is a chef, his was a baker.

The first 5 are actually finger foods. Words like mini, drummette, and bite size all mean appetizer-size portions. The first 5 you'll e able to eat with your fingers. The dining platter means people will be standing and trying to eat with afork or spoon, unless you have everyone seated.

let me give u an African approach they will like cook: 10kgs of meat stew,
like 5 kgs of mashed potato,vegetable rice.peas,corn,: deepfried chicken and salads
and a little of anything that will fall inbetween


I'd go for the hand help platter, not sure if it includes all these options, have a vegetarian risotto included, with a beef dish or chicken,

I would choose the beef skewer platter.

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