should i go to this party?!

Question: Should i go to this party?
ok, so i got invited to a party tonight (im 17) and it was by some of my new friends, i just switched schools. i got home to tell my sister, because i trust her, and she tole me to be home by 12 sharp or she would tell my parents, and if that happened i basically wouldnt be able to do anything at all in my high school life. my sister is 20, and had a baby in her 1st year of college and shes acting like my mother, so before she left the house she justntold me to do whatever and that she didnt it me or is my sister overeacting and not behaving like a normal older sister would?

and btw, ive done the exact same thing for her when she went out and told our parents she would be home at 11, she didnt come home till the next day, and she was a mother!!!! she had an effin kid, omg! i really cant stand her right now.

so should i go?


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talk to her more about it. but honestly, family is so much more important than partying. you should probably skip out on the party. but it also seems like shes a bit jealous that she cant really do those things anymore

you are thinking WAY to much, if you want to go to this party, then go, your sister is just looking out for you, and just make sure to be home BEFORE 12.

you should go and have some fun at the party your only 17 just be home before 12

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