i need a good birthday party idea?!

Question: I need a good birthday party idea?
im turning 15 in october and i would like to have a party or a little get together or something with my friends. i dont want a house party or anything in my house. i want to go out somewhere thats not too expensive. i just want to bring a couple of my close friends. im thinking a restaurant but i dunno if thats gonna be too boring. please give me your ideas, thanks :)


I'm 15 but most of my friends are turning 16 and heaps of them have had parties at restaurants.
Pizza places are good because it is cheaper and you can share a pizza.
If you are only going with a few friends why not go to the movies?
Or if you want to make it more interesting go out to a restaurant in the city, its a bit more exciting :)
Theme parks are always fun too!
These are just some things that I've done or been invited too
good luck!

How about a spa party? Check out beauty schools as they tend to be inexpensive and may already have packages available.

skating party!

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