What would be a good party for a 15 year old?!

Question: What would be a good party for a 15 year old?
Its my friends birthday in sept and we need to find a fun way of celebrating it.. I don't know what to do though because i am organizing it and i need to make it awesome!!


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for me, a day wid ur friends in your favorite place....well im 15 ...i know what we like...just think of something special to spice it up...

Why not make a list of the things your friend likes to do, and do them.. If she is into movies, then go and see one, if you know she likes sundaes, then go to a place where you can sit and it a huge one, then take her to the shops and buy heaps of stuff for a sleep over, at the sleep over, get made up and take pics of each other, listen to cool music, and just have fun...

Well that all depends on what type of peopel you are...if you guys like to drink and do drugs than go get fuc ked up!...if not then go hiking or boating or fishing or go find some hookers?....Sh it,....just live it up...go to a movie or two....go hit on girls at the mall....play music?...

Hire out a hall or something and have heaps of people or.... go shopping or to the movies :) orrr.... go to a horse riding thing for a day and ride horses :) that would be cool orrr...i dunno

a regular all friend teen party

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