I need help on where to get these party items...?!

Question: I need help on where to get these party items...?
This is for my 20th birthday party and I need help on where to find the following items because I don't know where to begin:

-large packages of multi colored feathers
-large packages of different colored powders
-large packages of different colored glitters

when I say large I'm really just looking for anything bigger than 3x5. I would be ecstatic if I could get packages about the size of pillow cases but i'm not getting my hopes up.
please help! without these i'm totally going to have to rethink this whole party.


you need to go to some party store... or try ebay? could buy anything on there!! lol

but yah it could be at a art store too, but might be a little more expensive. :( sorry dont kno where your at, like im in canada and live by a party packagers... 20th birthday? you couldinvite me and ill bring the stuff? :P my B-days in january, urs is summer sooooo much better! if ur in USA then that sucks... cant buy alcohol legally yet !! :P HEHE i can ;) Ontario baby!

try a craft store like Roberts or Micheals

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