I need Help With working at Starbucks!?!

Question: I need Help With working at Starbucks!?
I have an interview in a few days at a Starbucks in target, and I'm doing some research on basic Barista know how, but I would really love it if anyone who has or does work there could just give me some basic info, like how many pumps go into every size, and just some basic terms so I'm not totally frazzled if I do get the job. Thanks so so much!


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First relax, any real experience with making espresso is going to work against you. They have the way they want to do it, and they will teach you. It's the McDonalds of espresso, you'll just wear the hat and push the buttons if you get the job. You need to be a good listener and a quick learner. That's all.

They'll worry about how fresh the beans are, what grind they want, what dose they want, and what temperatures they want, and nobody will worry about what the finished product tastes like.

Look like you are paying close attention, be polite and well spoken.

Good luck.

no dont work.

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