what kind of music should we play for our halloween party?!

Question: What kind of music should we play for our halloween party?
we are throwing our first halloween party and we need help with the music and the games..
we are inviting people ages between 15-18


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Listen to suggested songs here>>>http://www.nutsie.com/member/view_member…

Top 100 Halloween songs>>>http://www.nutsie.com/top100sradio/Top%2…

Old favorites: Witch Doctor
One-Eyed-One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater
Werewolves in London

GAMES: Halloween Still Scene: The objective in this game is to use props like scary mannequins, fake blood, swords, knives, old clothes, costumes and so on to create a scary scene. The props can be bought from a thrift store. The legs, arms and head of the mannequins can be pulled off. This game can be played in the backyard where a box of the props can be placed. The guests must be divided into teams. And each team must use the props to create the scariest scene possible within a certain period of time. Prizes can be given to the scene judged the scariest.

Most Monstrous Makeover: The players can be divided into groups of two, three or four players. A bag of assorted items such as false eyelashes, makeup boxes, lipstick, false noses, wigs, and so on should be given to each team. Each team will choose a member of their team to make up. Each team should be given about 5-10 minutes to turn the person they are making over into a monstrous looking creature. The host decides on the winner.

Have a dance contest: There can be various wacky categories, such as ballroom, tango, break dance, and so on. Perhaps they can pair up with each other according to the costume they are wearing. The more bizarre the pairing the better. A popular vote or a panel can decide on the winners. Prizes like CDs or gift vouchers can be given to the winners.

You can probably find a halloween songs CD at a music store, you'll be sure to hear tons of halloween themed songs!! Lol but some of my favs are: Thriller by Michael Jackson, things that go bump in the night by Allstars, and The Monster mash lol not sure who sings that one but yup.


Halloween has some songs that are played always like Purple People Eater, and Monster Mash. What you really want to have is a full list of creepy songs. Here is a list of Halloween party songs that is made from youtube videos. I hope this helps make your Halloween party a big success.


Drew's Famous Discography always has a great mix of hip,fun and age appropriate music. Check out your local party store for these, sometimes there may even be a few for certain holidays! Of course they can always be found online too, just don't wait too long!

at walmart or Halloween Headquarters, the will sell a "Monster Mash" or Monster Ball" go to orientaltradingcompany.com for cheap decorations

rocky horror show songs and music was pretty scarey, otherwise just get movie soundtracks from like caspa the ghost ect. actually i think lady gaga is quit scary lol,........ or just nomal is fine.

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