What are some ideas for my 17th Birthday Party?!

Question: What are some ideas for my 17th Birthday Party?
My 17th birthday party will be on a weekend in early September. I have a big yard and an open space in the house to do whatever.
I was thinking about doing these things and would like some ideas to go with them...
Bonfire- What should we roast?
Board games- Which ones are good for 10 people give or take?
Cookout or Pizza- What to cook? or What kind of pizzas?
Movie- I would like a romantic comedy?
Mocktails- What kinds?
I'm very open to new ideas too.
p.s. I am a girl and about 80% of my friends are girls but that doesn't mean that we don't like to play dirty. :]


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Honestly don't think too much about it, set up a bunch of stuff and let the night flow. Make sure you have good music playing, bonfires are a great idea even if youre not necessarily roasting anything (my friends do it all the time, granted they're mostly guys and are very easily entertained but it is fun and has a great atmosphere), get a ton of snacks and just a bunch of pizzas. If you guys drink, I would not suggest the bonfire by the way lol. But later on in the night you could definitely set up a little movie time for those who are burning out. Actually something that works surprisingly well are like volleyball and badmitton nets if you have access to those, kids have fun with that. Doing any dirty things might be awkward with the guys to girl ratio, but if you want to go junior high and start up a game of never-have-i-ever sometimes it gets interesting really quick lol. As for mocktails, shirley temples and margaritas are relatively easy to make and fun to have, especially with fun straws and umbrellas and stuff. Trampolines and actives games are usually more effective than board games btw.

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