SEXIN THE CITY any ideas...17th bday?!

Question: SEXIN THE CITY any ideas...17th bday?
I want to have a sex in the city bday party for my 17th birthday! I want to have 3 friends over...any ideas for food, decorations,favors, games??? thanxs


Just get some basic decorations, the banner...balloons, and to add in a real cool touch...maybe a fruit punch fountain?! :)

As for games, well, of course you can watch some of your guys favorite Sex in the City episodes! Play some truth and dare, prank call people(just don't get to carried away...haha, you may get in trouble), karaoke, swim(if you have a pool or lake nearby), play music and dance your booty off, paint each others nails/makeovers...etc etc.

Have fun :) You'll be hanging out with all your friends anyway, that's fun in itself...!!

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