sweet sixteen costs; parents how much did you pay?!

Question: Sweet sixteen costs; parents how much did you pay?
Okay, it's not really a sweet sixteen. it's more like a sweet 18th? lol, i'm sixteen years old, i didn't have a sweet 16 (couldn't afford it) and now I want to save up for a 18th birthday. I'm starting to realize i might not be able to afford it, so I want to see whats the average cost of one, I want a big one not a crappy sweet sixteen. (even though I can't afford it haha) but If it's not that good, for me it's like what's the point. Don't be rude, kay? (: But anyways, I'm saving up for this all by myself, so don't say I'm a brat and making my parents pay. Also, how long does it take to save up for one?


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I dont mean this to be rude...but really a big party for yourself at that phase of your life is pretty self-serving. I didn't say bratty. But at that age, aren't you going to have a graduation party somewhere around then? And as a fresh adult just turned out on the brand new world, won't you have more important things to spend your money on? I would reconsider a big extravagent 18th birthday party. I have read about parties like this and they cost more than my college education...which kind of makes me a little angry seeing how I'm still paying for my college education from 20 years ago. SO if you have a party, I would do something small and tasteful. Keeping it simple will be easier to do something nice and not cheap. Accept gifts graciously but don't you dare insinuate that you expect them, and do not skimp on thank you cards for after the fact. I would budget $1000 and do with that what you can, and just keep in mind that a great many many other teens your age would be blown away by a thousand dollar party.

EDIT I am glad not to be offending you...and I'm glad you are reconsidering. As for the budget, I was quick to say $1000 without much thought. If you don't have a thousand dollars, you certainly can do with less. I would not go into debt over it period. Although you might save for it and budget things carefully in order to have a nice party. And certainly don't spend all your money on a party. work work work...save save save...then spend...maybe half of that money on your party, max. The day after your party you will be glad to still have something in the bank.

Don't waste money on a 16th or 18th... go all out for your 21st! Sure 16 and 18 seem monumental at this time and in our culture, but honestly... 16 you can't do all that much without the help of your parents. 18 is just the proper age where you can buy cigarettes and be considered somewhat of an adult. 21 is where you can actually celebrate and be through with the little phases of your life where you consider yourself growing up. I'd say, alcohol and going out is way more pricy than a 16 or 18th birthday bash. So save it up and make it count!

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