16th birthday party idea?!

Question: 16th birthday party idea?
im not having a big party as my parents don't think 16 is an important birthday and sweet 16 is an american idea not an english one ! ( i disagreeing) therefore im having a quiet birthday with just my 6 best friends, but what to do ? any suggestions ? also i don't have much money but dad would order us in a take out or something and i can have a sleep over . thank you x


Hehe, you're like me...I like quiet b-days too, none of that crazy stuff. ^.^

How about renting a bunch of movies(scary movies are the best for sleep overs when it's pitch black outside!), do each others hair/nails/makeup, prank call people(just don't get to carried away...you may get in trouble :P), turn the music up and dance...jump on the beds hahaha and have pillow fights. And of course...play some truth and dare(my favorite part.)

Have fun :)

One of my friends had a spa and pamper birthday party. We all went to her house and brought over little desserts we baked or little appetizers to eat and her parents cooked the entree. So we had a cute little hors dourves dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night doing our hair, nails, makeup, and we all brought over really outrageous things we found in our closet and just spent the night primping and playing dress up. We just took silly pictures and watched movies and did girl stuff. It was really girly, but it was fun cause it was so random. That's just an idea to throw out there.

Maybe a themed party ? e.g. Like a tropical theme, or something?
Or maybe, as you say that its quiet, go to the cinema and then have a sleepover after wards ?

Hope I helped and hope you have a great birthday! :)

you should go to a hotel; like just for a night &chill.
but if you can't do that; just have a gno. go to a teen club & then come home watch movies, pizza, etc.?

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