Birthday party ideas for my sisters?!

Question: Birthday party ideas for my sisters?
I have two sisters, one turning 12 on October 27 and one turning 7 on October 23. The older one has already decided she doesn't want a Halloween party and the younger one could really care less. They are having a party together, but with one cake and the same theme. Anyone have any ideas of what we could do for them?

Thank youu!


There is some ideas you can. Sleepover party ,Spa party,Shopping Mall Party,adventure party or just have a Girl's Night Out

you could do an hawian theme where everything is grass skirts and coconut trees and franjapanii flowers in there hair and big green leaves on the table, where they drink out of coconuts with a straw and have a big flower cake.... it looks very pretty and its very girly........good luck

either a luau party or a spa party! theyre both girls so spa is great and theyre great for all ages too!

can't go wrong with Pi?atas

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