I want to take my boyfriend for a picnic, WHAT DO I BRING?!?!

Question: I want to take my boyfriend for a picnic, WHAT DO I BRING?!?
pretty self-explanatory i think.
I understand I need fresh fruit and neither of us like the classic potato/egg salad, suggestions??


I would suggest a good ground blanket, napkins a good sparkling wine or chilled Rose, and water.
Quiche, salad, cheese and crusty bread, grapes & strawberries.
or assorted sandwiches like:
Smoked salmon and cream cheese, BLT, with chips and dips.
or a small selection of bread sticks, olives, salamis, felafel's, humous and pitta bread. keeep to a theme rather than lots of different tastes.
Enjoy hope the sun shines!

Knock his socks off with Artichoke and Tuna Panini with Garbanzo Spread


I couldn't find the arugula, so I used romaine lettuce. And I used regular chunk light tuna. And only use half the fresh mint that the recipe calls for.

It's your protein, your starch, and your veggies all in one.
Finish up with fresh apricots and raspberries.

Depends on what you both like. Why not think about sliced Tomato Cucumber Onions Egg (hard boiled) Lettuce Cold Meat or Tined Fish. Or you could just go for Sandwiches both of them you could bring a flask of Tea/Coffee or even Fizzy Drinks. Nothing fancy just plain food and all will be well. Good Luck.

simple sandwiches, cheese and crackers, wine or cider, fruit, or you can bring pasta salad, any salad, some soup in a thermos, popsicles!

have fun!

Potato/egg salad is gross :P
Bring watermelon, bananas, grapes, strawberries, sodas(or water), a blanket, and some whipped cream :)

Cheese, salami, and a baguette is always a good bet.

3 bottles of wine.

i was gona ask the same question ,, :D lol

gooood luck on your picnic!!! :)

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