I eat dinner at about 9:30-10:00 at night?!?!

Question: I eat dinner at about 9:30-10:00 at night?!?
I'm fourteen and female, for years my mom has been making dinner really late at night 10:00 ! She works as principal of a special needs skwl so she's really tired when she comes home...
I kno eating dinner late is bad for you so what should I fo? I'v offered and made the dinner many nights but I have homework and sports and it take alot of time making dinner for a dad, mom, four brothers and me! X any advice? X


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Good Question!! First of all, its not definitely true that eating late at night is bad for you. A lot of people are confused about whether eating late at night is a problem or not and over the years different groups of scientists have come up with different results. As well as this, in some cultures around the world it is totally normal for families to eat around 10pm many of these cultures are also those with the lowest rates of obesity and heart disease, So it's all a bit confusing.

"Your body doesn't really recognize what time of day it is. It is a little bit of a myth" says Nigel Denby of the British Dietetic Association

The truth is that the most important factor in managing weight (which im assuming is what your worried about) is that you balance your calorie intake with how active/how much exercise you are doing.

It sounds like you're pretty sporty and being at school, running around, working your brain hard all day means you will NEED a certain amount of calories to keep you fuelled up and performing as well as you can. So my first bit of advice would be that skipping dinner because its late on the table would be a bad idea.

There are lots of ways you can make things work better, so here are a few ideas you might want to try. I would suggest you sit down with your mom and dad and explain your concerns and try to come up with a plan you all agree on.

What you might want to do is fix yourself a healthy snack when you get in from school and then have a lighter dinner. Bear in mind that this doesn't necessarily mean your mom will have to make something different for you, you could just have a slightly smaller portion size.

Another idea could be to prepare some healthy meals with your mom at the weekend and then re-heat them during the week.

As previously suggested you could also share out the 'making dinner' chore with your mom, dad you and your brother (if they're old enough) all chipping in to help out.

Good Luck!!


Great you made the dinner sometimes very good of you. But why not talk to the rest of the family and get them to help as well you might think about all helping out every day one could set the table another prepare the vegetables another put on the meat (if you are having meat) make it a family thing and then one of you do the wash up every day in turn. After all your mum is tired when she comes home this would be a big help to her and give her a break. Also no one of you would have to do it all the time only in turn. Also get Dad to help out it is not fair on your Mum to have to do it all the time. I hope that this is a help to you.

Why are you making dinner alone? Can't you set up a dinner 'team' with various members of your family? Make a rota and insist that people stick to it. Sounds like you're going to have to take control. Eating that late is only bad if you go to bed not long afterwards, which at your age you probably do (or at least probably should) as you need good sleep. As part of your rota you can make a challenge to make quick recipes from scratch. Many recipes can be found which take only half an hour from prep to serving - stir frys for instance, and if you have many other hands helping to chop and peel, it's on the table in no time. Try to go for a target of eating no later than 8.30pm, or even 8pm. Families are a kind of team anyway, so work together and it's amazing how little each will have to do - cooking together is quite a lovely thing anyway. Good luck.

Eating late isn't necessarily bad but I will chime in-with 7 people it shouldn't be just 2 of you responsible. Everyone could have a dinner night. Even something simple like breakfast for dinner, sandwiches and canned soup, pre-made meals. You all eat, you can all be responsible. Or cook 2 huge different meals as a family on Sunday afternoon and freeze into individual portions and soon you have a freezer full of meals for each to choose from at a time that suits.

If you are concerned about the time you are eating dinner, why not ask if your mum minds putting a portion of the dinner she makes in a tuppaware pot and then in the fridge, then you can heat it up in the microwave the next evening at a time that suits you. That way there is no extra work for anyone and you can eat at the time you want.

Eating late is not bad for you. Most of the Mediterranean does it. Just make it a light-ish meal so that you are not going to bed on a hugely full stomach, and have your main meal at lunchtime.

Or quick dishes; pasta with sauce and veg, huge salads, or get a slow cooker and put a casserole on in the morning, will be ready when you get home.

Eating dinner late is not going to do you any harm, but help out by offering to start the prep for dinner when you get in. Perhaps if your mother has less to do she'll be able to get dinner on the table earlier.

Maybe you could ask your brothers to help you, especially if they are older than you because whenever you have two or more people cooking a meal it cuts the time it takes usually in half.

Have your main meal at lunch time and .
something light in the evening. eating late is not bad for you.
I rarely eat before 9 9.30

can ur dad or brother cook? how bout u just make a quick meal lyk macaroni and cheese 4 a few nites? that'll save ya some time 4 homework!

get a crock pot. your mom can throw the ingredients in before she leaves for work.

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