do i need to make reservations for chili's?!

Question: Do i need to make reservations for chili's?
i'm having a birthday dinner and there's going to be like fifteen-twenty people there. maybe less. how should i go about this?


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Actually, Chili's doesn't take reservations. What you have to do is call them just before you leave to go there and let them know that you are coming in a short time and that there are 20 people in your party. That way they can put tables together and get them ready for your arrival.

For 15-20 people I would definitely make reservations, especially if it's during peak hours. This way they will be able to seat you immediately and not have to make your guests wait for tables next to eachother to open up.

As far as I know you don't need to make a reservation. However, I would probably just call ahead of time just so that they can have the tables set up for you and company. Happy Birthday!

you usually don"t have to but with 15 guess I would rather have tables reserved to be sure you have space for everyone

no but if t's busy and you know ahead of time it might be a good idea to make a reservation.

depends on the time you go

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