I need some food help for my grandparents 50th Anneversary, i have no idea what to cook..ideas?!

Question: I need some food help for my grandparents 50th Anneversary, i have no idea what to cook..ideas?
My grandparents 50th is on its way, in about a month, and im in charge of the food, dose anybody know any amazing, yet simple and cheap foods/recipes to serve?
I also have a HUGE family, so it would have to make a lot (my grandparents have 13 children...and everyone of their children has at least 2 children)
So if you can give me any help of all i would love it!
Thanks :)


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Chili always is pretty easy to make, platters, if you go on google
just search stuff like
easy food that feeds many :)


Your grandparents must be in their 70's and won't be keen on spicy food
how about hot roast beef sandwiches and various salads

veggie platter & dip

That's so nice that you and your family are celebrating your grandparents marriage in this way! I feel that grandparents tend to like "comfort" foods (dishes that are cozy) rather than more modern cuisines but maybe your grandparents are different? I would try to put together a menu that suits a large crowd, fit my budget and would also be special for my grandparents. Maybe there is a way to re-create some, if not all, of the dishes they had at their wedding? A friend of mine had a party for her parents 50th and she found the recipe for the special wedding cake they had. If the food at their wedding was pretty basic or too complex another idea might be to make some of their signature dishes or some of the dishes from their heritage. Just a thought...

For an event with a lot of people I would have a buffet and choose some dishes that are elegant enough yet easy on the wallet. Here's two sample menus:

- Mixed greens salad
- Roasted mixed vegetables (carrots, parsnips, fennel and shallots roasted in olive oil, salt and pepper)
- A nice roasted turkey with herbs (price per pound turkey is much cheaper than having a roast)
- Scalloped potato's with Gruyere and pancetta
- Mushroom ravioli with walnuts and dried cranberries
- Cookies and a cake for dessert

If the idea of having a turkey carving station doesnt appeal to you here's another menu that features pasta based dishes as the star:

- Caesar salad
- Italian wedding soup
- Marinated vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli, carrots and peppers)
- Sausage and pepper calzones
- Veggie Lasagna (i love zucchini and mushrooms)
- Sponge layer cake with lemon curd and fresh berries

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