I need ideas for my party?!

Question: I need ideas for my party?
I'm turning 14
I'm a boy
And at least 8 people are coming


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laser tag, bowling..? go-karting, quad-biking..?

If you have a cool dad follow these rules:
1. Suck up to him, more than you can ever imagine
2. Tell him things that make him remember coming into his manhood, think boobies
3. Get him totally drunk, but still sober enough to get credit card numbers from him
4. Take out all the money in your college fund
5. You and your friends enjoy the rest of his booze after he passes out, order a couple of strippers with the credit card, use college fund to pay for sexual favors.

Or you could go to some lame Chuck E. Cheese, be embarrased by you mom in front of the only hot waitress, and go home to masturbate to old JC Penney advertisments.

Depending on what you like there are plenty of options for you. If you go to http://www.discountpartysupplies.com/planning/theme-parties you can find some ideas there.


Go to a paintball arena. Have some fun dude.

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