What do I need to know to plan a surprise party, before I get in over my head?!

Question: What do I need to know to plan a surprise party, before I get in over my head?
I'm trying to plan a surprise birthday party for my best friend, but I really don't know what to do. I already know that I'm going to have it at my house, and who's going, but what I'm wondering is what should we do? And what do I need to make this party a good one? My friend is really quirky, and she isn't your typical girly girl. She calls herself, "artistically challenged" so being creative would be hard to pull off.


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since its summer you should have like a nice hawaiian theme and whats a party without music your her best friend so u should know what kind of music to play think of fun games u could play at the party and ask her whats her favorite food u should know already though so maybe u could serve it
i think whatever ou do she would appreciate it because your very thoughtful of throwing a party for her

you could even buy party supplies for cheap at the 99cent store its cheap n cute

Food always makes people happy. It could be a potluck or just think of something easy like bbq or tacos. Of course you need a cake too. Twister is a fun game to play. You could plan a scavenger hunt too. You probably want to have some movies on hand too. You could have a water balloon fight or something. Truth or dare is always fun too.

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