is it okay to charge an entrance fee for a birthday party?!

Question: Is it okay to charge an entrance fee for a birthday party?
im throwing my boyfriend a huge 21st birthday bash. renting a hall the whole nine yards and i was going to charge people to come, like $5 under 21 and $10 21 and up. is this unreasonable? its mainly to help pay for the alcohol and such but i know most people dont charge to come to a birthday bash. if this is unreasonable is there any other way i could raise some money to help pay for it? any ideas would be great, thanks!


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It's tacky. If you want to throw a party, you throw one that's within your means. If that means tea and cookies in the park or at home, well, so be it. The point of the thing is to recognize that he's having a birthday and celebrate it with people who care that he's having a birthday.

This is what's known as "having champagne tastes on a beer pocketbook"----you don't throw a party bigger than you can afford to pay for. If you had friends of his willing to front the money to put towards the party because they wanted to, that's one thing...but no way should you charge admission for a party where they'd be bringing a gift for the guest.

You'll have to cut corners to where the party becomes affordable for you to do it (or cut the guest list).

If you need more money...see if his parents will help out.

I think if you can't afford to have this party, then you shouldn't pay for it. It's rude to charge your guests money. If I took the time to go to someone's birthday party and they had the audacity to charge me money, I would say "No thank you" and keep the present for myself.

Yeah, I have to agree with the previous answer, if you can't afford to pay for it, then don't have it. Instead try going out to a bar with a few of your closest friends and let them pay for their own drinks, or you can just tell them to BYOB!!! If they want to drink, then they can bring it themselves.

I agree with most of the answers. I think that a cash bar is the way to go and tell people ahead of time on the invites. This way people will know ahead of time to bring money for drinks and then all you have to do is provide the food and location. This way a guest has the option to drink or not too.

Hey it's your day and do what you want. But since you are requesting advice I'll lend you some. Try to get keg beer and spiking the punch. That will cut down your alcohol cost a bunch. However unless your famous or having some great entertainment I doubt you'll have a packed house charging.

I think you should not charge- It is tacky--
Maybe switch things up and have a cash bar- Then you are only paying for the hall and food.
I would tell people ahead of time.. Only have beer and wine and no hard stuff (this will reduce the cost)
Make a budget and stick to it!!

As the other posters said, if you can't afford the party - don't have one.
It's not unreasonable, it's kind of rude.
Maybe just take your guy out to a nice dinner and some clubbing with a DD of course.

Tell people to donate money like $5 as the minimum cap. Instead of buying gifts.

its unreasonable to charge guests. People wont come.

It's insulting. If you can't afford a party don't have one. What are you thinking?

dontion boxes?

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