I'm going to be a waitress tomorrow night and...?!

Question: I'm going to be a waitress tomorrow night and...?
would like some tips on what to expect.. what do i say to customers etc..
Anything else would be great thank you! :)


Aren't you referred to as "Servers" instead of waitresses? ("Hi, my name is ____and I'll be your Server this evening."

My daughter worked for years as a server in a large restaurant>>she excelled at her job because of 2 special qualities (besides friendliness and promptness when attending to customers...)--she also knew sign language and since we live in an area that is heavily populated by a deaf community, she was always able to treat them as any other customer (in other words, they could communicate without guests having to write everything down)....the 2nd quality was being able to serve the blind (she has a brother who is blind, my son)..and she knew how when presenting the platter in front of the guest to describe the way the food was placed in terms of a clock (in other words, "Sir, your steak is at 6 o'clock, your potato is at 12 o'clock", etc)>>>this way the guest knew immediately how the food platter was laid out.

A simple rule to follow>>>always treat a customer as YOU would wish to be treated :D....be attentive if they have children, provide all the necessary condiments, straws, napkins , silverware, etc beforehand so they don't have to ask for them and wait (xtra napkins are always appreciated!). Remember...THEY are your paycheck and never let your personal life interfere...be a professional (that's someone who does an excellent job even when they don't want to). My daughter made EXCELLENT money...paid for a new car, college, a destination marriage in Antigua, has a new job now in medical field and is buying a house.

PS....She met her husband while they were working at the same restaurant :D....she couldn't have picked a better guy!

I've been a waitress for 10 years. One of the best ways to be friendly towards people is use "We" instead of "You", "You all", "You guys", etc. I always say things like "Did we decide what we're having tonight?", "will we be needing some takeout boxes?" and "Are we all set?" It puts you on their level and you don't have to say weird phrases like "folks" and it won't be awkward. Just as long as you talk in your normal voice and not in a high pitched voice, and don't use it five times in a row, it won't come off as fake or condescending. Also whatever you do, try not to show when you're flustered, it is not life or death it is just food serving. At the end of the night you go home away from everyone...but I can't promise you won't have dreams about the job! Good luck, there is tons of money to be made in this job!

LOTS of experience.

Sit your customers down with a 'welcome' or 'good afternoon' and their menus. back offff give them a good minute but you have to learn how to gauge when they are ready to order.
'are you ready to order?' 'what can i get for you today?' etc
just be normal, COURTEOUS, and even tempered, even if you get a little frazzled or annoyed.

been a waitress in many different restaurants.

ok, so whenn you go into work, MAKE sure you stay busy the entire time! dont stand around, find little chores. Talking to people, well if you loud and out going just greet them at the door, my standard greeting at the restraunt i work at is: Hi, for how many?' or just a simple greeting, you dont have to be there best friend, just friendly and moderatly happy. Good luck and have fun! :)

Just one thing wear proper dress and behave politely with your customers . That's enough.


first of all just chill and don't take tension. everything will be fine.

Think about the best service you've ever had, and mimic it. Oh, and don't call anyone Honey.

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