What are some good birthay party ideas for me?!

Question: What are some good birthay party ideas for me?
I'm turning 13 December 30th,(I know its a little early but I was just thinking about it, lol) And its during winter so its hard to think of something. Can someone help me think of a really good and fun birthday party idea???

thank you!


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An ice skating party....and sledding (if you have snow in your area by then)...make it a Winter Wonderland kind of theme....use white, clear and ice blue balloons (use spray glitter on clear balloons for sparkle) .....silver metallic curtain cut into thin strips for icicles...or hang up icicle lights around party room (after skating).

Serve something warm to eat....chicken fingers, tater tots, baked cinnamon apples. Or warm bowls of chili w/cheddar cheese topping.

Or do a Masquerade Ball just before New Years...colorful masks, feathers, twinkle lights: Invites--"You Are Cordially Invited to _____'s 1st Annual New Year's Masked Ball at her residence, 777 Boardwalk Avenue. Please come dressed in formal attire and mask.

Keep room lit only by candlelight...have cloth tablecloth and pretty dishes...float some balloons. Serve easy foods, play music, serve mocktails....
To make a mock Strawberry or Peach Daiquiri (makes 2 1/2 cups) you will need 14 ounces of fresh strawberries or peaches, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 6 ice cubes, 1/3 of a cup homogenized milk, 1/2 cup peach juice, and 1/2 teaspoon rum flavoring (this can be found in the baking isle.) You'll just mix all the ingredients in the blender and serve immediately!

For a memorable party favor...make special t-shirts of your party or make special masks with the info on it for a keepsake....or pass out chocolate bars with your own homemade label on them.

If you can afford it, rent a skating rink for the night, comes with lights, dance floor if you would rather dance some of the time, DJ and snack bar. Games are easy to do and rink will be happy to host them for you

Sorry, I didn't pay attn to your b-date
Holiday season, you prob wont be able to get rink on your date...but since it is on a Thur , maybe...you may have to have it on Wed

If there's a gym by you they may rent their pool for parties. I did that for my 13th birthday, seeing as I have a b-day in February. Best party ever!

i have simple party with a few friends in your backyard supervised by adults

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