Throwing a party at my house?!

Question: Throwing a party at my house?
Im throwing a party at my house without my parents being aware and they are out of town. All attendees are under age 21. If some people bring alcohol and the cops bust the party what would the consequences be?


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Just stay inside the house and if they show up don't answer! They can't come in without a warrant. But my friend who's party got busted got a lawyer and didn't get in like any trouble..

im only 12 and its bad that i know this but i know this cuz my older sisters..okay if u dont have a record u will all be let off with a warning except mabey the ppl who brought it they may get a record if the cops can find them hope this help and u should just tell ur parents not to b a party pooper its just the best thing to do okay so i hope u do :)

my sisters

You parents will be cited. And fined. All the children attending will b escorted home by the police. And they can even keep u in jouvie untill ur parents pick you up. They can. And they can do other stuff, like ask the judge to give u weekends community service and such. Not worth itm party elsewhere hun....lemme warn u

Been there, done that

Are you that stupid? You can't be trusted ever again.

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