14th birthday party ideas?!

Question: 14th birthday party ideas?
I know it's early, but I'm OCD about almost everything :P
My birthday is in December and I'm turning 14.
I want to have a family party but I don't know what I would do.
I live in a place where it's almost always hot and doesn't get below 60 degrees in winter.
So, what can I do at the party without boring my family to death?


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haha i turned 14 last year, and since you live inna warm climate you should make it a winter wonderland party, how winter should be, haha, so use like stuffing for snow and use glitter and stuff make it super pretty and plan activities you know they're gunna like. wear a cute blue and silver sparkrie dress and get all beautiful so your family wont be able to take their eyes off you! make sure to plan activities ofr little kids if there will be any attending, and be sure to hype up the theme with the invites! home made is the best for family. put in sparkles and have a polar bear pop out or something!
hope this helped :)

look here for some ideas:

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