Is it silly to send save the dates for a birthday party?!

Question: Is it silly to send save the dates for a birthday party?
I am having a big 18th birthday party (think sweet 16) and it is going to be formal. I was thinking of sending out invitations out 2 months in advance because it would give everyone a chance to get their outfits/ costumes together. I have one problem with this: I don't know the venue yet (and I was planning on sending out the invitations in early October). Should I send out invitations once I get the venue set? Or should I send save-the-dates instead (pushing the invitations back to November)?


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i think that the venue should be the first priority when planning an event. i too am planning a birthday party except im only 14 and im planning my sweet 16... anyways send save the dates and get a venue ASAP!! then send out the invites close enough to the event its not crazy in addition to the save the dates but also far enough away from it for a good reminder. but definatly GET THAT VENUE ASAP! im only 14 and even i know that.

Yes, save the date cards are for life-changing events like weddings, not 18th birthday parties. Just make sure they are sent well in advance and contain a request for RSVP.
I would NOT send out invitations until you have a venue. Get your venue ASAP.
This is a personal opinion, but a formal 18th birthday party seems a little stiff and with costumes? Yow - if I got an invite for this gig - I'd probably bow out unless I was a close relative.

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