boyfriends ideas?!

Question: Boyfriends ideas?
im going off to university this year and will have very little to no money for his birthday in april.
i want to make him a coupon booklet..with coupons saying things like "one free back rub"..."one free dinner" ..etc.

but i cant really think of many...i dont want them to be sexual becaus ei have to give it to him in front of his parents. anyone have any ideas?


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Home cooked dinner, dinner out, picnic in the park, bowling, back rub, etc. Just think of things you two enjoy doing together.

One romantic weekend alone, free massage with oils, one date of his choice, maybe free foot massage, favorite movie night,

Movie Night
A 5 minute, knock-you-off-your-feet kiss
24 hours of no arguing
One revealing fact

Make a baby

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