Ideas to celebrate my Hubby's 30th Birthday..?!

Question: Ideas to celebrate my Hubby's 30th Birthday..?
My hubby is turning 30 in September this year and I need some ideas on how to make his day very special.. I have already purchased a Spa Gift Voucher for him and now what else can I do? I live in New York and we are pure vegetarian so where can we go to have a nice candlelight dinner? We are gonna celebrate his birthday for the first time too as we got married last year only. So, please help me!!


For some restaurants that cater to fine dining for vegans in NYC>>>…

You can always take in a Broadway show or a music event

or take a day trip to a nice Bed & Breakfast out of state in New England

Ask him what he'd like to do--or offer up choices

(Make up a basket of sexy things for men or couples ;)

get totally dressed up. black tie and just hit the town. like james bond kinda thing. carriage ride, and just like kinda sightsee and takes lotsa pics. idk.

Let him go to Vegas with his friends, that's what my wife did for my 30th bday last year :-)

get some stripper lessons and put on a show for him, itll liven up the relationship too

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