What's the proper way to serve champange?!

Question: What's the proper way to serve champange?
Hi , I come from a country where alcohol is not consumed often and the choices are limited. However I'm going to serve champange at my husband's brithday dinner party.
1. Should I serve it in flutes or these wider glasses types?
2. When during the party should I serve it? There's a sitting dinner. before , after , during?
3. What food goes best with it? The dinner? finger food? ideas?
4. Should there be other drinks to go with dinner?
Thank you.


Two things to keep in mind: understand that Champagne and Sparkling wine are really the same drink (Champagne is like a brand name, sparking wine from Champagne, France); as far as food parings the basic rule is light goes with light, and dark with dark; and if you come from people who aren't used to alcohol you could try opting for a slightly sweeter wine or offer a mixer (such as a little orange juice)

You'll want flutes -- tall glasses where one can watch the bubbles race to the top

Champagne is it's own star -- you'll want to serve it before dinner or w/ a light first course (may be a good time to make the birthday toast to your husband) You could do a light salad, like apple and pear w/ light vinaigrette, or maybe some shrimp and cheese (light or nutty ones are perfect)

I'd do other drinks or wine w/ dinner.

Flutes is a clasic but then there, you may like the white wine glasses, which is totally fine.. But flutes are more classy
Idealy its when everyone sits down to dinner.. In this case if your the host you might want to pre-set the champainge about 2 minutes before evyone sits down. this way the champainge is already served and you can go ahead and do a toast.
You can eat anything!! champainge is useually just for a toast, then with dinner you can go ahead and use either a red or white wine ( for red meat use red, for chiken or seafood white is better)
I htink i just answered above lol
yea depending on your dinner.. and another great idea which i always do is offer both red adn white wione.. the classics are Chardonnay and Cabernet... you cannot go wrong with these..
Hope this helped!

Im a server at a country club -)

1. Personally I prefer a flute, a coupe lets it fizz out rather quickly and causes it to lose aroma.
2. what you prefer really. After dinner I would not recommend, tends to upset stomachs.
3. I think a good champagne goes great with really fresh seafood, shellfish especially. Some champaigns go well with sweets, depends a bit on the kind of champagne.
4. If you want. Many people like wine with their dinner, a sweet wine with desert or a port with a selection of cheeses.


firstly try to keep the drink in glasses surrounded by icepieces.As a precauton open the bottle by keeping in ice pieces.use wider glasses.after the dinner.finger food(non veg).no need of other drinks

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