what should i use to cover my beer cap beer pong table?!

Question: What should i use to cover my beer cap beer pong table?
im building an 8'x2' beer pong table and the top will be completely covered in beer caps. im trying to find something clear that will go on top of the caps. i was thinking plexiglass but getting a cut that big is looking to be really expensive and hard to find. i read something about a pour on gloss resin but i'm not sure which one to use and if i do use that will the balls be able to bounce on that surface? so its has to be clear and the balls have to be able to bounce...


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The best thing is Epoxy Resin my cousin made a poker table with beer caps using this.. the table looks like something you would pay a fortune for on ebay... I've told him a million times to sell it lol
Here's a youtube video that shoes you how its done:

Youtube and Cousin Jose

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