12yr old bday party ideas?!

Question: 12yr old bday party ideas?
Hi, my birthday is in September and i have no idea where to have it. Im a girl and im turning 12 and im in the 7th grade. I want to have about 15+ or - kids and i debating on having boys at my party...
Btw i live in NY so its going to be chilly. I would like to have it out for like the day and then having them sleepover at my house. Do you have any ideas about where to have it? Someplace not too costly but not somewhere boring.lol Also can you please give me some fun ideas of things to do at the sleepover? Thanks a lot for reading!


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maybe something like mini cakes and for the event go bowling all your friends would like that
and for the sleepover maybe something like popcorn hot chocolate and watch a scary movie.
and just stay up all the night chatting and dont go to sleep

You could go roller skating, on a shopping spree, or you could stay at your house and have a spa party where you could paint nails, get facials, braid hair, style it, etc..., pizza party? Boys at your party? Only if you're close friends with them i'd say, but no boys at the sleepover. For the sleepover part of the party you could draw pictures on the first person to fall asleep face, or put whipped cream in their hand and tickle their nose, try and pull an all-nighter, do whatever you want!


Hi im also 11 im using my cousins account at the moment, well you could all go to a theme park or swimming. At the sleepover play board games or games like murder in the dark. Tell ghost stories and watch movies. What about buying cheap nail varnish and painting each others nails different colours of the rainbow. You should let boys come buy obviously not at the sleepover. Go out for dinner and bring a cake! Try buying a book about sleepovers or search the enternet. Hope you hav fun.

4locos mmmmmmmm

LASER TAGGING omg soooooooo fun !!!!!!!!!!!! my bday commming up october 8th and thats what im doing my boyfriend loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lmaoo you're in 7th grade
15 people is too much and boys are a big no no

I had my 12th b-day party at a laser tag place and it was a success

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