Halloween party fundraiser ideas?!

Question: Halloween party fundraiser ideas?
I'm trying to think of ways to raise money for my high schools drama club. I had an idea of having a halloween party but im worried it'l cost too much and we'll lose money rather than earn money. Any ideas?


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Don't do the Halloween party...you're better off following Cathy's idea. And at the bake sale, do Halloween cupcakes,

add some brownies on a stick (NOTE>>use TWO boxes of mix and a 9x13 pan for thicker brownies, use BARK chocolate to dip--white or dark as it sets quicker and firmer...and add the sprinkles, decorations while it sets)..wrap individually (ok to put in fridge)

do some candy apples on a stick

make some ghost shaped cookies, etc and frost them

Maybe for the Pumpkin Carving Contest>>have categories to judge by: Scariest, Most Humorous, Most Original Design

Scarecrows can be made to look like famous people (to a degree) if they wish

And while you're running your event....all you kids dress up in costume to give more "drama" to the Drama Club ;).

you could sell Halloween cookies and or cakes really any kind of sweets and you could set up some type of haunted house have a raffle and sell tickets for a couple of bucks think of something that would be a good prize, you could probably even get a local company or business to donate something it would be good advertisement for them. You could have a pumpkin carving contest and charge for entries or since it is a drama club put on a play maybe. Hope you could use some of this.

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I like the pumpkin carving contest...and I'm going to give you additional ideas to go with that:

Scarecrow Making Contest

Find one of those local pumpkin patches that sells pumpkins and ask them if you can use their fences for people who want to participate to hang their scarecrows on display (of course charge and entry fee for these scarecrows) and have a day that they should deliver them (Oct. 1st between Noon and 5:00 p.m. let's say - your volunteers will need to be there to accept the money and entries) and then have a judging contest and give prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. See if some businesses will donate goods or services for those prizes (spa treatment, dinners, gift cards, carwashes, merchandise, etc.) You would be surprised how many people love competitions for these types of things!

Then two weeks after that while the scarecrows are still on display, have another contest where entries are accepted (for an entry fee) for a pumpkin carving contest. Again have the lot give you space for these and buy some bails of straw to make into a riser display area. Have judging start as soon as the entry time on that day closes - 1st through 3rd again with prizes donated by businesses.

Then the weekend of Halloween, have free photos of the kids in their costumes.Kids love to dress up in the Halloween costume anytime and then they could go buy their pumpkin that weekend! And once you have people coming in for their free photos, have a bake sale that day. That same time, you could sell off the carved pumpkins and scarecrows. (Get some business to donate Polaroid film and find someone with a Polaroid camera).

If you can get a lot to do this, they lot will be happy too because you will be bringing customers over to them (and it gets your student body / alumni over to support your cause too).

But, the main effort needs to be on getting the word out to the student body and the community so they can support you. You need to do a lot of announcements, fliers and advertising.

I don't know how large your community and what type of area you live in, but these are some inexpensive ideas that could bring your group some cash in for the cause.

Good luck. It's going to take some work on everyone's part - but this shouldn't cost your group anything if you get donations from businesses. I know times are tough - even for businesses - but they don't have to be big prizes. Oh, make sure to get 1st through 3rd place ribbons too - people that enter craft contests like that enjoy a ribbon (go figure!).

You can view a large variety of fundraiser options (candles, candy, gourmet food, jewelry and ALOT more) at:


Good luck!


Halloween best costume party?
Monster mash dance :D
Play hide in seek? I dont know those are just ideas

sell Halloween orange and black cupcakes

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