My best friends turning seventeen. I need help for ideas, I want to do something crazy. I have a car, and money isn't too much of an issue. (:


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get a keg

Even though this is kind of dorky, but I'll give this a shot...
A science-themed party.
Buy a ton of flasks, beakers, test tubes, etc.
then get a big container you can put beverages in.
Get cool colored drinks so in goes well with the party.
Rent or just buy some cool strobe lights, and some disco balls.
And you can get some cool jars and put some gross stuff in them.
Nickelodeon slime would be cool too.
It is a little childish and dorky but it is a cool idea.

Maybe take her friday go to dinner, then see a movie, go somewhere you usally dont go stay at a hotel for the weekend like by a watr park or amustment parks or anything like that and do that for a day or two, and make sure you take her shopping!

go SKYDIVING! paintball party! pool party! bowling party! go to the mall and play a game in which everyone gets a partner and u do something crazy. like u go into victorias secret and ask the person what bra size they think u are. as a guuy. lmao


Surprise party, i no sounds cliche but pretend for the whole day tht u totally forgot bout his/her b-day and tht u really dnt care bout his or her b-day. and when u no he/ or she's about to remind u bout his/her b-day intturupt her!

so cool, me! (a lot of missplellings

look here for some good ideas:

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