I need ideas for a theme for an 18th birthday party?!

Question: I need ideas for a theme for an 18th birthday party?
Its my 18th birthday in november and i'm thinking of having a themed fancy dress party, any ideas for any? The funnier/crazier the better!
Thanks guys


One of my friends did a beach party which was called 'beaches and hose' [ie-bi*ches and hoes-get it?? xD]. They printed that on t-shirts and admission was only for those with the shirts. We had tons of beach and drinking games and it was wild xD
Thing is-in November it might be too cold, but you can always do something crazy like 'vicars and bunnies' or maybe 'angels and demons' [girls would be angels and guys demons]?
Have lots and lots of fun =D
Happy Birthday by the way :P

how about james bond party, guys dress like bond and girls dress like bond girls. Look for the black & white party guide here:

CIRCUS! & happy birthday :D xxx

Marvel super hero's. Loads of characters to choose from, and the women are going to look hot!! Lol.

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