Bonfire Party Ideas ?!?!

Question: Bonfire Party Ideas ?!?
Me and my friend are having a combined party and we want to have a bonfire party. So we are considering one at my place (2 acres, large land with trees). We thought maybe we would light the big bonfire and have a little one going for all of the food.
For food we were thinking: Baked Potatoes, Marshmallows, Smores ect.
Does anyone have any ideas for some games we could play ?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

(We'll be turning 14 and there would be about 12 people coming.
Please no stupid answers.)


Hide and seek (it's fun and scary in the dark),
Tell everyone to bring a ghost story or scary story to tell around the campfire, They can look some up in google.
Play Charades.
Make Hobo stew. Here's a website with how to make it:…
Bet you have a lot of fun,

A fun game I always play with my friends is Bottle Rocket Attack. Basically, you create a bonfire, then get like hundred or so bottle rockets and throw them in. You then all stand in a circle around the bonfire, and if you get hit by one, you're out. The last person standing without getting hit wins.

this website has a good bonfire party guide:

i'm also 14...Manhunt. Love to play it all the time.:)
Spin the bottle.
Beer pong, aha.

Flashlight tag
Ghost in the graveyard

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