Turning 16, im a guy, What should I do for my bday party?!

Question: Turning 16, im a guy, What should I do for my bday party?
Around ten people maybe. Sleepover, too childish/ no space in my house. Budget, yeah, its average, nothing too grand. Movies then a meal sound good? What do you all reccomend???


Movies and a dinner sounds great.

Other options:

1, Go some place like Dave and Buster's. (Don't know if you have one in your area, but it's like the Chuck E. Cheese for young adults and adults.)

2. Go some place like Six Flags. (Again, I don't know if you have one in your area, but no one ever really gets too old for amusement parks.)

3. Rent a suite and order some pizza. This is probably the cheapest option and while it has the childish sleepover flavor, it is so not the same. As long as your parents go home, it does give you total freedom, but do your best to make sure no one has to go get their child from the pokey the next day.

4. Cook-outs at parks are always good. Plenty of space and cheaper than 3 really.

5. Pool party?

6. Mystery dinner theater. This is so much fun, but it is going to so depend on who is invited. You certainly know better the personalities of who is invited.

7. Football season is here. How about a tailgate party?

That's about all I can come up with for now.

fr the age of 16 i would say have a small gathering like you said 10 people at your house, some alcohol, invite some girls if u can t omake it more enjoyable and tim ewill go by faster if it goes all terribly wrong.
if not you could go to a club, under 16 club, you could get drunk and dance, have a lot of fun!!!! :)

my sister has had the same party at her house and had a lot of fun

Make it special.

Gather your friends..Make a party in the park ...
Camping perhaps!?
Have a dinner together(pizza and drinks?)..
And have some drinks..
Cut a cake! Be sure to put candles..
Create some games and have fun with your friends and family..

If at home, have dinner and cut a cake...
Then make fun games with prize.
Make a speech to say thanks to whom you want to...
Perhaps a nice movie after that? Collect your presents...
Be sure to take memory photos!!

That might help.

everyone should pay their own way...
bowling and a pizza
amusement park and fair food hot dogs, ice cream, fries...
game room and lunch somewhere
play pool and have burgers
go swimming and have a cookout
movies and lunch : )

check out the teen party ideas here:

be rebel!

strip club

college dorms

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