Describe what a good house party is like?!

Question: Describe what a good house party is like?
Be descriptive!


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- Loud, with many good drinks.
- A full kitchen, with everyone laughing and having a good time.
- A keg out back with a deck for people to smoke on.
- Up-beat, positive music throughout the house.
- A good mix of singles and couples.
- New, friendly people for all to meet.

Good music, good food, maybe a Keg, good wine, games, wether it be darts or charades or one year I did a scavengers hunt!. I had a box of all these old plastic easter eggs so I was off to the Hobby store & bought things that would fit in them. a thimble, staple, bobby pin, paper clip.......
I hid them all around the house! I had made a chart of what each item represented.
A paper clip was worth a $5 gift certificate at Chili's, a a thumb nail was worth 50 cents.
But amongst all the items there was only 1 that worth 50 bucks.
So when people found them, they could barter & trade amongst themselves. For hrs people were like, "Hey, I'll give you two bucks for your egg?"
No one was allowed to see the chart until a certain time...there was one guy walking around trying to buy them all off of people.

Good food, good drinks and no TV, good music so guests can mingle not be glued to the boob tube. Of course if it is super bowl or party for a game or something like that, then that is different. I a make several dishes and some guests can bring something ( they usually want to show off a special dish) to make a nice variety.


and even better if you do not invite people like me

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