what did you eat for dinner?!

Question: What did you eat for dinner?

I was lazy tonight so I cooked some ground beef with some chorizo and diced potatoes. We just had that with tortillas.

We went to a dinner buffet in Amish country in Pennsylvania. It was delicious. I had the works!
BBQ ribs
carved sliced roast beef w/au jus
mashed potatoes & dressing/stuffing w/gravy
mixed vegetables
pumpkin/raisin muffin w/butter
huge garden salad with lettuce, spinach, carrotts, cheese, boiled egg, tomatoes, broccoli & cucumber
pickled beets
a little macaroni salad
cinnamon apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream.....................
It was delicious and I am stuffed!

My sweetie had lots and lots of steamed shrimp with his meal. He had banana cream pie for dessert.

Vegetable rice (rice, peas, corn, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, soy sauce) sauteed with tempeh
sweet potato fries (lower-fat, low-sodium kind)

&I had dessert tonight (I hadn't had any junk in a while, I usually eat very healthy), a small bowl of coconut milk ice cream with chocolate shavings, bananas, hersheys syrup, walnuts, and cherries ^-^ mmmm

I cooked a medium-rare ribeye, had a baked potato and peas. The ribeye had melted gorgonzola cheese on it and a touch of Worcestershire sauce.

I had a fritata with spicy sausage, red bell peppers, potatoes and onion in it. I had chocolate ice cream for dessert. Yuuummm :)

Honey bbq ribs
Honey bbq chicken
Mashed potatoes

Homemade vegetable beef soup with breadsticks.

Homemade Chicken Francese...I went to School 4 Culinary, I Love 2 Cook!!!

mash potato
chicken breast

im a muscle freak

Tuna Casserole.

Not too fond of it though.

corn beef really nice if you cook it all day in a slow cooker it brings out the flavour

I ate pizza.



Chinese food

chucky cheese pizza!!

shrimp and squash

i ate some soup

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