what kind of vodka?....?!

Question: What kind of vodka?....?
i'm having a party on friday and i'm planning on making jello shots.
i bought cherry and strawberry flavored jello.
what brand of vodka would taste best with both flavors?


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Honestly when you are making jello shots there is really no point in using high shelf / expensive vodka or any other type of liquor. The sweetness of the jello really masks the quality of the liquor. I am a big fan of Absolut or Smirnoff flavored vodkas that compliment or add contrast to the jello flavor. I would suggest a raspberry or melon vodka for the strawberry jello and a vanilla or melon for the cherry. Melon seems to go with a lot of things. I would check out www.myscienceproject.org/ which has a lot of jello shot ideas.


It really depends on what you want to spend. If your looking for the best and don't mind spending some money, then go with Grey Goose. If you are on a really tight budget, go for Smirnoff. If you are looking for something middle of the road, Three Olives is good. I would probably stay in the middle.

Absolut is a good vodka at a good price & smoooooth !


Finlandia is my choice

1st choice=Grey goose
2nd choice=ciroc

Gray goose!

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