What to do at a house party for my 19th bday (no alcohol)!?!

Question: What to do at a house party for my 19th bday (no alcohol)!?
So my 19th birthday is in two weeks.. im planning on going out for dinner with a few friends (about 12) and come to my house after to chill.. my parents are somewhat strict so theres definitely not gonna be any alcohol.. what kind of things can we do so it wont be lame that doesnt involve alcohol??


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I don't drink as part of my lifestyle, but I'm a huge fan of mocktail parties. It's a cocktail party without the alcohol. Get cocktail mixes, syrups, sodas, juices, ice, etc and plug in a few blenders and voila.

Have you considered having a theme party. It sounds like this is going to be a pretty classy occasion with going out and all, so maybe consider a subtle theme (unlike my Rainbow or Cowboys 'n' Indians party). :) I've done a "black and white and red all over" party where guests were encouraged to wear primarily black, white, and red (while keeping hip). Ive also done stripes and polka dots where the boys wear stripes and the girls wear polka dots.

Play games! I know about 8 million, but I'll just give you one example. This is called the duck game. Everyone sits in the circle, except for one in the middle who is "it." "It" is blindfolded and everybody moves to a new place in the circle. "It" then finds a lap, sits on it, and says "quack for me!" The person whose lap it is does their best impression of a duck. If "it" guesses who it is correctly, that person becomes "it." If not, "it" finds another lap at the process continues until a new "it" is found. This wont work if your friends are uptight. If theyre not though, you'll laugh your heads off.

Happy early 19th birthday! Since you're going out to dinner, then back to your house to chill, set up a coffee and dessert bar and have coffee and dessert at your house after dinner.
This article will tell you how to set up a simple coffee and dessert bar that will please all your birthday guests, doesn't involve alcohol, is easy and inexpensive to set up and adds a touch of sophistication to the evening.


kereoke is fun. make it a casino night. like set up poker tables. but the mocktails things is a great idea. it has that alcohol feel and is better than soda and plain water.

Taboo, Rockband, Truth or Dare, Watch a movie, Eat Ice Cream, Get a hotel room!

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