What are some games for a 14th birthday party sleepover?!

Question: What are some games for a 14th birthday party sleepover?
I am turning 14 in 2 weeks and I have decided to have a sleepover. I need some games to keep my guests entertained. I already have chubby bunny, water balloon fight (since it is hot where I live), and makeovers. I am thinking of getting glow sticks and hanging them up since we will be sleeping in a tent in my backyard. Any ideas are open. Thanks in advance!


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pillow fight.

practice making out.

who's the boldest on chatroulette?

where's my parents' liquor stash?

who can sneak in the most boys?

who has the best/worst body?

does the second bottle of cough syrup taste better than the first?

Spin the bottle, Truth or Dare, and theres this game where you hide stuuf and whoever finds the stuff keeps it. By the way the glow stick thing sounds like a great idea :).

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