Need help with some sweet 16 party ideas?!

Question: Need help with some sweet 16 party ideas?
I’m having my sweet 16 soon. I already have kind of an idea of what I’m going to do. A night on the town!!! A few girls are going to some over to my house and we are going to get ready together; do hair, makeup, and they are going to bring clubbing clothes. We are going to have an elegant dinner and stuff. And then a limo is going to pick us up for an hour. But I need more ideas!!! I have no idea how to invite the girls; I want it to be original and creative. I just need some more ideas on what to do during the night!! Any ideas would be great!!! Thanks.


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Well, yhu can have yhur party in a limosine or have a neon party or have a movie premiere party. the website on the bottom will tell yhu lots of ideas for yhur 16th birthday.

Make 2 day thing: night before go out to town and have dinner, go to the movies, and maybe go clubbing at an age appropriate club. Then they could sleepover and the next day go to your favorite spa or do it yourself at your house. Possibly even go window shopping or actual shopping later that day. For the invites look it up online on special invitations and how to be unqiue but put your personal touch to it. Good luck on whatever you do and remember your 16th bday is the one to always remember. LIVE IT UP!!!

Go restruant hopping. My friend and I wanted to get out but we only had enough money for a full dinner so eat appetizers at one place dinner at another and dessert at yet another. it gets you out and seen and you meet new people.



just tell u r friends about the change in life after 16 and enjoy this starting life with friends, ...........

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