I have to arrange an Office Pizza Party and I need advice.?!

Question: I have to arrange an Office Pizza Party and I need advice.?
I've been tasked with organizing an office pizza party. What should I do? What are some of the things I should have at the party? I've desided to use PapaJohns.com.

I have a cash pot of $105.00 to use and the boss said if that runs out he will give me his credit card info to use as well.


Just order a variety of pizzas so everyone can have a slice of what they like. Depending on how many ppl there is I would either buy a couple twelve packs of soda or a few 2 liters and some cups. Also don't forget to by paper plates, napkins, and utensils if needed!! Maybe finish it up with some dessert? Papa Johns should even have something sweet you could order (like cinnamon sticks with icing) have a good party!! :)

Order pizzas and have soda on ice. Cups, napkins, paper plates, plastic tablecloths and pizza spices.

Well....if the boss is being so generous, why not order some chicken wings along with those pizzas? I love their Honey Chipotle wings, but they have other choices, too. After all, he did say "Party!" :D.

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