Cost of catering . . .?!

Question: Cost of catering . . .?
My sister is getting married in Cambridge, ON and is trying to decide if her wedding should be catered or if she should rent dishes and make the food.

How much would it cost to cater a wedding of 250 people with the following:
Dishes (fork, knife, spoon, dinner plate, bread and butter plate, mug, wine and water glass, dessert plates and forks)
Tea and Coffee (with cream, milk and sugar for the table)
Caesar, Garden and Spinach Salad
Green Beans
Buns and Butter
Baked Potatoes (with toppings on table)
(She will be getting the meat and desserts separately)


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It will cost you about 25-50 dollar per person with what you have listed. I've seen wedding caterers charge up to 75 per person. You have a very basic menu so 25-50 would be reasonable.

I do not recommend she attempt to cater her own wedding. A lot more than just cooking goes into catering--clean up, set up, keeping food warm, transportation, chaffing dishes etc...

Sorry I don't have numbers, but she should definitely not try to make all of this for 250 people for her own wedding. She'll be exhausted and it'll ruin the day.

Google map your immediate area, and then type in "catering".

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