Please could you help me with fun 21st ideas?!?!

Question: Please could you help me with fun 21st ideas?!?
I am turning 21 in two months and I desperately need some ideas ha ha. I have changed my mind about 3 times and I am kinda stuck now...

I am a crazy, fun-loving gal and my mates and I love laughing. I am heavily into music, so I have thought about having a music themed party, but I have no idea on how to incorporate that into a theme?!


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I don't know where you're planning to have the party or what kind of funds you'll have at your disposal, but hiring a live band and having a dance party would be awesome. If you can't do that, plan ahead and get tickets to your favorite band and even if you have to drive to get to the concert you can make a fun road trip out of it. Get a nice hotel room for afterwards and indulge in great take-out food or catering.

A fancy dress themed party based on the music you like eg: Bollywood, 70's, 80's,90's, top 40, Abba, Madonna etc
You could encourage people to dress as their favourite singer or group.

Sounds like a trip to the comedy club then end the night with a party themed as cme as your favorite artist... Or a flat out Halloween Party isn't bad either...

UH I don't know maybe VEGAS! Take your best friends, buy some good cocaine, have fun around the city.

go to the club ?

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