Can you substitute a cookie sheet for aluminum foil for biscuits?!

Question: Can you substitute a cookie sheet for aluminum foil for biscuits?
I want to make cheese biscuits, but the recipes calls for cookie sheets. I don't have any of that kind and all I have is aluminum foil [ with butter and/or cooking spray]. If not, any other options?


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You would be better off with a heavier cooking surface. The aluminum foil is pretty thin and the bottom of the biscuits may burn.
Do you have a roasting pan or cake pan that you can use? (13X9 pan would be perfect.) Move the rack down one level and use the pan inverted so you are cooking on the bottom of the pan. I suggest moving the rack down one level because the height of the inverted pan will bring the baking surface up the the proper level.

You can use aluminum foil, but you'll need to use more than one layer because a baking sheet is a lot thicker than aluminum foil. If you put 3-4 sheets (the more the merrier) together you'll have better results. A single sheet will result in burned biscuits!!! The same thing holds true if you're cooking a pizza and you don't have a large enough pan.

Yes, aluminum foil placed on the oven rack will work.


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